Diane Cluck

Chances are you haven’t heard of Diane Cluck – the name is certainly new to me. Or perhaps she went out of your mind temporarily. If the latter is the case, you could be forgiven as it’s been eight years since Cluck released an album. Or you may have always had her in your mind, listening away to 2006’s Monarcana over and over, along with the five preceding albums. On March 4 of next year she’ll release her long, long awaited and surprise new album Boneset on Important Records. For a new listener like myself, Cluck’s voice is refreshing: an aged, woody timbre that knows its way around words and how to get the most out of a syllable. Her voice might bring to mind some of the strongest female vocalists from recent times, particularly Sharon Van Etten or Laura Marling, and when you realise that they both cite Cluck as an influence, things start to make sense. Even just a passing listen to Cluck’s new track “Sara” will recall you of those aforementioned contemporaries, and consequently the track a pleasure to listen to. But the track holds more treasure than just a stellar vocal performance, as Cluck accompanies herself on a curious range on instruments that crop up across the song’s playtime between her thoughtfully plucked guitar notes. Have a listen to “Sara” below.