LA based artist and producer Felly shares the heartfelt “Me and My Gang”, readies new album

You might not know his name, but Felly has already seen and done a lot in the music world. Having collaborated with Carlos Santana on “Heartstrings”, he’s also connected with the likes of Ari Lennox, Foushee, and Jack Harlow.

With his time within 300 Entertainment behind him, Felly is back to his independent roots, and has used the opportunity to show a different side of his artistry. Typically associated with hip hop, his latest LP, Bad Radio, due out this Friday, finds him rooting into a more organic sound. He explains, “I wanted to move away from the more ‘banger’ type records that everyone usually gasses me up on. I wanted to make something that sounds like what I listen to.

This is perfectly displayed in his latest single, “Me and My Gang”, which is guided by strumming guitar and Felly’s gentle vocals. “You know it means a lot to me,” he sings about those around him and the misadventures they find themselves on. Speaking on the song, he shares, “I was spending a lot of time with my old friend Dwayne and he has an energy that is pure and positive. We spent weeks in LA going out to eat, spending money, laughing, talking about ideas. We wrote this song when we came home one night. The song almost has a country vibe to it. It just made us laugh. Anything that makes you laugh, as my brother Sol says, “is good”.

As for the album itself, Bad Radio is reflective and something of a trek. Felly says, “This album is a journey of a man leaving the comfort of a relationship and going out on his own into solitude – into the cold of the world. It also has all had winter themes behind it. Each song is winter in the sense that it’s a dying of some sort. I grew up in Connecticut and the winters played a big role in who I am and what I like.

Check out “Me and My Gang” below, along with its video, and look out for Bad Radio come this Friday, December 9th.

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