Porsh Bet$ has been on the grind for this moment. The Harlem native, determined to pursue his dreams, was found couch-surfing across L.A. for a full year while working on his debut EP, I Used to Think Forever.

The EP, out tomorrow, is the culmination of countless anxious nights and elated days. To celebrate its imminent arrival, Porsh has shared his latest single, “Handle”.

The track is brimming with Latin flavor, its backbone formed by a patient, flirtatious acoustic guitar, all before its consumed by gently thudding bass. Switching between English and Spanish with smoothness and ease, the track finds Porsh celebrating his Afro-Latinx heritage.

The track comes with a video that depicts a intoxicated night traversing L.A., culminating in a, shall we say, fortuitous encounter with a liquor store clerk. Check it all out below.

You can find Porsh Bet$ on TikTok, Twitter and Instagram.