Photo: Shina Peng

Kierst confronts her emotional scars on the evocative “How To Be”

Brooklyn-based South Carolinian songwriter Kierst has released “How To Be”, her first single for British tastemaking label Sad Club Records, following up her promising early Bandcamp releases. On the new song, she reveals:

“It’s about being tethered to a place because of a person, and confronting those feelings after cutting ties– just being in limbo and learning how to recenter yourself.”

Kierst starts “How To Be” at a wedding in upstate New York, the spine of piano and her misty vocals allowing us to perfectly envision the verdant setting. It’s here that she’s triggered by memories of a heartbreak she thought she’d overcome; “it keeps coming in waves, boy” she admits. From there she takes more ventures down memory lane, battling a pain she can’t hide, subtle strings drawing out the different hues of her feelings. Throughout the song, Kierst is addressing her concerns to the “boy” in question – “I can’t handle goodbye, boy”; “was it worth all this hurt, boy?” – but it’s a deflection. “How To Be” is really Kierst admitting to herself that she’s still vulnerable and wounded, a slow but graceful acceptance that this pain still resides within her, and might be there for some time yet.

Listen to “How To Be” below or find it on streaming platforms.

“How To Be” is out on Sad Club. You can find Kierst on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.