Photo: Willow Shields

Ellie Bleach gives a sardonic shrug in the irresistible “Big Strong Man”, announces debut EP

Southend songwriter Ellie Bleach will release her debut EP, No Elegant Way To Sell Out, on October 6 through Sad Club Records. The five-track release will feature previous gem “Doing Really Well Thanks” and we’ve now got a second taster in the form of new single “Big Strong Man”. Bleach says:

“‘Big Strong Man’ is my most sincere song of my releases. It’s about the divine relief of admitting defeat. On the surface level it’s quite a bitter song, but I like to think there’s a kind of optimistic nihilism to it. It’s saying, ‘okay, whatever. I give up. You carry on being a tortured genius. See you around.’” 

A mini tour-de-force of all the rising talent’s abilities and personality, “Big Strong Man: begins with Bleach on clanging piano (an instrument she was taught to play in her youth by a faith hearer). It’s a dreary-sounding opening, as if Bleach is downhearted, but she’s still full of barbs – “how thrilling it must be to have money but no taste”, she spits. Emboldened by drums and added instrumentation, the song lifts off into a showtune-like display of Bleach’s voice and lyricism, as she beautifully mocks the aspects of the titular “Big Strong Man”, lording her intelligence, wit and inner-resolve over this snivelling character. The tune turns to a break down, where Bleach makes meta-commentary about the middle eight, then resolves in a bombastic finale where the singer repeats “I’ll never be good enough” – but with a tongue-in-cheek doo-wop backing that makes it clear that she never wants to be anywhere near anyone like this “Big Strong Man” ever again.

Listen to “Big Strong Man” below or on your preferred platform.

Ellie Bleach’s No Elegant Way To Sell Out EP arrives on October 6 through Sad Club (pre-order on Bandcamp). Stay up to date with Ellie Bleach via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.