Photo: Maite de Orbe

nudista display frustration at people’s stubbornness on the lilting “inasmuch” and its kitten-filled video

London-based duo nudista will release their debut EP Halfway Here on March 31 through Sad Club. The four-track offering will feature last year’s beauty “confess” and today’s new one, “inasmuch”.

On the new song, singer Pilar says: “Our human pride often means that we think we know everything and we become stuck in our way and the realisation that things aren’t so certain can be really scary so often we don’t try to change ourselves for the better even when we know we can change, it is a message to say that we are capable of evolving and moving forward even when it is scary... I’d like for people to listen to it and realise they can have their own opinions and they can question anything that’s been imposed on them.”

Despite the frustration and mild despair within the themes of the song, “inasmuch” is a breezy, welcoming listen. nudista beautifully pair their gentle instrumentation with the complex emotions, using light brush drumming and whispers of organ with an open, swaying acoustic guitar. This combines to create a floating and unassuming anthem, leaving Pilar plenty of space to pontificate on this issue we all face every day. “Tell me, am I dead inside?” she begins – evidently the frustration of coming up against people who don’t seem to have any empathy for the other side of an argument is grinding her down. “Take it, I don’t want it / I won’t lie to you and say it’s alright,” she laments in the chorus, but nudista rescue her from this low point by ensuring that “inasmuch” remains light and bubbles along regardless. By the finale Pilar has turned herself around and found new wells of belief in herself and humanity. “It’s alright” she simply repeats in the resounding conclusion, easily sweeping the listener up in the sentiment. Once again nudista have turned their fraught feelings into a unifying, heart-warming song of overcoming.

Even more joyous than the song in itself is the video, which shows Pilar and Robbie in their domestic life with two beautiful young kittens called Mr Chill and Kim Gordon. Check that out below or find “inasmuch” on streaming platforms.

nudista’s Halfway Here EP comes out on March 31 through Sad Club (pre-order on Bandcamp). You can find nudista on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.