Photo: Jody Evans

Ellie Bleach tells a tale of mid-life crisis on the wonderfully observed “Tupperware Party”

Ellie Bleach is building up to the release of her debut EP No Elegant Way To Sell Out in a couple of months, and following on from “Doing Really Well Thanks” and “Big Strong Man”, we now have “Tupperware Party”. She sets the scene of the song, saying:

A tupperware party was an event hosted by pyramid sellers in the mid-20th century to sell tupperware products to their friends. I thought it would make the perfect backdrop for this story – even the background characters are desperate to break out of suburban monotony. Tupperware Party is about a wall-street banker who hates his life, so embarks on a quest to find his first love, a girl from his improv group in college.”

At first it seems a little odd that a young woman from Southend would be singing about activities of middle-aged Americans set some decades before her birth – but it quickly becomes apparent that she has the intelligence and poise to pull it off. Despite the shifted setting, “Tupperware Party” still connects to Bleach’s favourite topics of hopeless people looking for love – and when it’s projected over simple but undeniable classic pop sounds, it’s an absolute winner. She effortlessly brings a cinematic quality to this tale of a desperate man going on a mid-life mission to find an old flame, her careful tones adding heart-rending depth to their disappointment.

Listen to “Tupperware Party” below or find it on streamers.

Ellie Bleach’s No Elegant Way To Sell Out EP arrives on October 6 through Sad Club (pre-order on Bandcamp). Stay up to date with Ellie Bleach via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.