Kacey Johansing is releasing her new album No Better Time on November 20 through Night Bloom Records, and following the lead single “I Try” she has returned this week with another beautiful teaser called “All Of Me”.

“I want to give it up / feeling good enough,” she opens on “All Of Me”, singing gorgeously over her plaintively strummed guitar. It’s a feeling we’ve all felt, and hits all the harder as she guides her dextrous voice into even more vulnerable admissions and questions. “All Of Me” dives down into the weeds of her emotion, expressing pure lovesickness in open-hearted terms, and rendered in gorgeous harmonies. It’s the sound of her opening herself up to the world, and the world giving back in polychromatic beauty with vibrant synth melodies and even well-earned sprinkles of silver chimes.

Kacey Johansing’s new album No Better Time arrives on November 20 via Night Bloom Records – you can pre-order it from her Bandcamp and follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.