Julia Logan develops a crystalline folk grace on debut single “To Be True”

Julia Logan split her childhood years between the Swedish archipelago and the Southern coast of California, both offering watery associations and environments where her musical curiosity was freed of all restrictions and allowed to evolve according to its own impulses. Submerging herself in the loose-limbed sounds of late-70s Laurel Canyon folk-rock, she explored various acoustic atmospheres, developing a sound both crystalline and emotionally resonant that recalled the works of artists like First Aid Kit and Courtney Marie Andrews.

Logan just shared her debut single, “To Be True”, via Playground Music, and it’s a bit of glistening folk radiance that is perfect for burning away the COVID-19 blues. She plies the strums of her acoustic guitar in a way that feels timeless, and the song even manages to channel Herbie Flowers’ bass work with David Bowie. The song blossoms like a new morning, sunlight reflecting off its rhythmic angles and tones, vividly illuminating everything within a hundred yards. Of the track’s lyrical intent, she says:

“It’s about the desire to break through the invisible piece of space that seems to separate us from someone else, and what can happen when you, somehow, manage to break through.”

Julia Logan’s debut record is due out sometime this fall. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.