Irish indie pop foursome modernlove. get lost in young love with the effervescent “2 Missed Calls”

Irish four-piece modernlove. craft music befitting their name: they deal in simmering, deeply emotive ballads presented via a delectable rush of pop. Exploring the confusing mess that is romance in our hyperactive world, they readily dive into the pleasures and pitfalls of love in equal measure.

Their latest single, “2 Missed Calls”, finds its narrator pursuing romance in a situation where it might be best to do exactly the opposite. Yet, when we’re caught in the cross hairs of feelings, what can we really do? The song is as powerful – and addictive – as the narrator is powerless, trapped in a risky love triangle.

Speaking on the track’s desperate journey, the band elaborate, “‘2 Missed Calls’ was at first intended to be a more straight up upbeat, feel good love song. As it developed the narrative began to shift toward something less innocent and cheerful. A lot of what we write about is young love and the rush and the craziness that comes with it. We’ve all been through it and none of us really knows how to handle it… not sure if anyone does to be honest. We’re still trying to figure it out.

To say the least, the band pull off the track’s perilous duality with aplomb, walking the tightrope between the song’s danceable, infectious nature and its moody, slightly dark-hearted lyrics with grace and poise.

Check it out below, and grab their brand new EP, monochrome love, out today.

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