Helena Deland tests the bonds of intimacy on “Truth Nugget”

Montreal’s Helena Deland is releasing a new album called Someone New next month, and after the revalation of “Lylz” and the title track it’s shaping up to be a beauty. She’s made that prediction even more viable with today’s sharing of a new single called “Truth Nugget”. She says:

“‘Truth Nugget’ is about the distance that exists even between the closest people and how friendship involves nurturing the other’s solitude. It also touches upon how I experience my guardedness as being part of how I perform my gender.

Although more busy and groove-centric than the previous singles, “Truth Nugget” does not sacrifice the natural poetry of Deland’s voice and observations. In fact, the bass adds urgency to this intimate tale, while Deland’s voice joins with fluttering guitar billow through this picturesque observation of stripping oneself to your essential truth. Towards the end, her voice multiplies into a whispering cloud of butterflies, animating the second-guessing and the secrets that remain entirely within one’s mind, even when you feel totally safe.

Helena Deland’s new album Someone New is out on October 16 through Luminelle. You can find her on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.