Helena Deland searches for herself in the tangles of a relationship on “Pale”

Montreal’s Helena Deland is releasing her new album Someone New next Friday, October 16, and following a string of singles she’s got one more for us. It’s called “Pale”, and Deland lets us know:

‘Pale’ is about the little space left to the actual self in romantic relationships where idealization comes into play.”

That feeling of casting around for one’s own comfort is immediately brought into focus as Deland opens “Pale” with the line “spending this much time in my naked body is not making it familiar to me.” From there, the song propels forward on a sturdy beat, augmented by miniscule electronic blips. It builds to a rather cathartic chorus where Deland shows off her vocal range, before it dives down into a slithering bass-and-synth beat. Showing off her production and instrumentation skills just as much as it does her particular lyrical prowess, “Pale” is just the final push – if any was necessary – to make Someone New one of our most anticipated releases of the rest of 2020.

Helena Deland’s new album Someone New is out on October 16 through Luminelle. You can find her on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.