Photo: Jack Bool

Helena Deland announces new album with the title track “Someone New”

A few weeks ago Montreal songwriter Helena Deland shared “Lylz” with the promise of more to come soon, and today she delivers the goods. She’s announced that she’ll be releasing an album called Someone New on October 16 through Luminelle Recordings and has shared the title track. Speaking on “Someone New” she says:

“‘Someone New’ is about the validation and relief from one’s internal world that a romantic encounter can offer, but also about becoming aware that there seems to be an expiry date on that type of opportunity for women. It ambivalently celebrates and condemns the idea of being in one’s ‘prime’, as it is so rare that youth and self-understanding are simultaneous.”

Deland begins the song in swooning a cappella, but “Someone New” soon launches into a dreamy soliloquy as she admits “tonight I want to be kissing someone new / with a familiar face.” While previous single “Lylz” strode forward on sororal love, “Someone New” is more agitated, channelling that energy of impermanence while trying to balance the romanticism of a new attraction. Deland capably guides us through this mental and hormonal gamut, her dynamic voice rising and falling with the potency of her thoughts, keeping us swept up and in throughout.

The single is accompanied by a video directed by Xavier Bélanger-Dorval that features Deland sitting for a portrait. Watch it below or listen to the song on your preferred streaming platform.

Helena Deland’s new album Someone New is out on October 16 through Luminelle. You can find her on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.