Photo: Jules Moskovtchenko

Helena Deland and Ouri team up as Hildegard, share their psychedelic mantra “Jour 2”

The Montreal-based duo Helena Deland and Ouri have made an unlikely pairing, revealing a new project called Hildegard, taking inspiration from 12th century saint Hildegard of Bingen.

It may be unexpected, but it’s definitely exciting – even more so upon hearing their first offering, “Jour 2”, which they call “a psychedelic mantra that labours to reconcile the dissociated self by contrasting eeriness and softness.”

In that regard, “Jour 2” is entirely successful. Definitely hewing closer to the music we know Ouri for, the track features a deep syncopated beat with whisper-thin loops coiling about. Deland’s voice is central, but detached, adding to the out-of-body feeling of the song. Not wanting to jolt us out of this hypnagogic state, Hildegard are patient in their subtle additions of melody and slinking bass. It’s a tactic that works deliciously, leading us coyly but devilishly down a sonic rabbit hole with them – before they hit us with an unexpected siren-synth to alert us we’re fully in their grasp now.

Watch the video for “Jour 2”, directed by Melissa Matos.

“Jour 2” is the first release on the label section1, a new subsidiary of Partisan. There’s hopefully much more coming from Hildegard soon, for now you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.