Photo: Henry Redcliffe

Grand Pax delivers the crackling lockdown transmission “ATV”

London songwriter and producer Grand Pax is just a few weeks away from the release of Wavey, her second three-track EP of the year following PWR. Having already shared the title track from the upcoming release, she has today delivered new single “ATV”, saying:

“ATV came to me pretty quickly. Some tracks can be really vivid, so writing them is quite quick, the ideas came to me right away. I think because at the time, with lock down we were just repeating the same rhythms, in the same place, walking the same streets, eating the same shit. I was thinking about things on repeat, and I started to feel like my head was just a receptor for the same images, and thoughts. Everything looked like dark purple static.”

Returning to the trip-hop-esque sound of her debut Phase EP, Grand Pax taps into the bruised national psyche on “ATV” with a vocal take that traipses over the stuttering rhythm and deep low end. She uses her production nous to blend varying moods into a complex whole; her voice dots around, picking up thoughts from different people she passes on her solitary walk around the ghostly capital. Yet, there’s still a hope for connection there, the well of empathy that is always present in Grand Pax’s music still lives within the malaise of “ATV”, giving it a quietly quivering vitality.

Grand Pax’s Wavey EP comes out on November 20 via Blue Flowers (pre-order). You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.