Grand Pax shares the shape-shifting dreampop track “Wavey” and announces EP

North London bedroom-pop purveyor Grand Pax only dropped her most recent three-track offering PWR in June, but today she has revealed plans for another triad of new tracks. It’s called Wavey and will drop on November 20 through Blue Flowers. She has also shared the EP’s opening title track, saying:

“‘Wavey’ is kind of me telling a tale through the depiction of images that are consistently moving, or altering… Imagine following a shadow through a crowded space, loud music and lights marring your vision. It’s kind of a play on the idea of being in a space or with somebody that only exists for a short time.

The sonic basis for “Wavey” is more overtly poppy than a lot of what Grand Pax has released before, with an unabashedly bright and polychromatic synth riding atop mellow rushes of bass and drums. Pax brings her usual wistfulness in the words and lyricism though, where, although many of the words are indecipherable, her voice easily conveys her feelings, moving us through memories and places with dream-like fluidity, but all-too-real emotion. It all comes together in a beguiling and intoxicating whole, and “Wavey” is yet another pearl in the artist’s continually blossoming early career.

Grand Pax’s Wavey EP comes out on November 20 via Blue Flowers (pre-order). You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.