Photo: Jamie Sinclair

Grand Pax investigates magnetic attraction in “One of Us”

London songwriter and producer Grand Pax is releasing a new EP called PWR at the end of June, and after the recent reveal of the title track, she today delivers another track called “One of Us”. She says:

“One of Us is a pretty simple track about the link or bond between two people. You see how, when you are super aware of somebody, when they move you move, and how maybe you just can’t get on the same level, or find the right space to exist in. It’s one of my favourite tracks lyrically, I wrote it in one fell swoop which is rare. And I had a real clear vision of what was gonna come out of my mouth, before it even formed words.”

Grand Pax brilliantly captures that attraction in “One of Us”; unspoken yet unavoidable. Her production rolls like two people’s eyes roving over each other, while her vocal quietly soars as if it’s in the throes of delight at that metaphysical attraction. Deeply sensual and yet slightly reserved, “One of Us” captures that rising feeling of knowing that, once you get inside, you’re going to rip each other’s clothes off.

Grand Pax’s PWR EP comes out through Blue Flowers on June 26. You can follow her on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.