Photo: Jamie Sinclair

Grand Pax brings mixed memories to the fore on the vibrant “PWR”

London’s Grand Pax has been working on new material, which will be released as a three-track EP called PWR on June 26. Today she’s shared the title track along with an eye-popping video. On the track, she says:

“Its subject matter could easily be melancholy however for some reason it came out in colour, hopeful and sweet. When I hear it, I think of a time when I felt free enough to pursue the things I wanted in the moment.”

Using her dreamy pop palette, Grand Pax’s “PWR” gives us a glimpse into her memories, as she sinks back in time and gets in touch with a former, freer version of herself. While undeniably a song of learning, “PWR” is also euphoric and ultimately uplifting, once again proving that Grand Pax is able to convey complex mixtures of emotions in her engrossing and addictive tunes.

The video for “PWR” takes this feeling further, taking you back to the innocent wildness of carefree teenage summers. It was directed by Netti Hurley, with Grand Pax commenting: “Netti is a visionary. She’s like a translator, only instead of language she works with visuals. It’s not an easy thing to find somebody who actually sees the thing you’re trying to depict, but she does.”

Grand Pax’s new EP PWR comes out on June 26 via Blue Flowers (pre-order). You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.