Australian musician Gordi has a new record called Our Two Skins coming out on June 26 via Jagjaguwar, and today has shared a new song from it called “Volcanic”. She lets us in on the thought process behind it, saying:

“It speaks to a rush of anxiety – about why, about what is real and what is not, about the drama of it, about the vortex of it. When it surges you can feel paralysed and out of control at the same time – ‘shut down’ and ‘manic.’ Its self-destructive nature can be so crippling. I wanted the song to feel like a wave of anxiety. The tempo never changes but the piano solo starts at half-time and rushes until it is double the speed, though the beat never changes. And then suddenly; it’s over.” 

“Volcanic” is like a cross-section of a panic attack, as though it’s been slowed down for analysis after the fact – and the vision is mesmerising. Sitting at her piano, Gordi is frank about how her feelings bubble up inside her, eventually overwhelming her, resulting in a “Volcanic” eruption. We can all have these moments of overwhelming feelings, but it takes a brave and empathetic person to actually place themselves inside that moment and try to pull it apart, which is exactly what Gordi has done here, and the result is here for us all to appreciate.

Gordi’s new album Our Two Skins comes out on June 26 via Jagjaguwar.