Photo: Elizabeth De La Piedra

Jamila Woods invites us into her heart on “Tiny Garden”, announces new album

Jamila Woods has announced her first album since 2019: Water Made Us arrives on October 13 through Jagjaguwar. She has shared the first single from the project, “Tiny Garden” saying:

“Tiny Garden’ is a song about the way my heart works, the slow and steady way I love.”

That slow and steady approach to loving is infused in the laid-back and sumptuous sounds of “Tiny Garden”, which was produced by Wynne Bennett and features the caramal voice of guest artist duendita. In her vivid depiction of romance, Woods starts with the common image of interlocking hands, but takes us into her unique workings as she explains: “it’s not gonna be a big production / it’s not butterflies or fireworks / said it’s gonna be a tiny garden / but i’ll feed it everyday.” In “Tiny Garden”, Woods has delivered a timeless and luscious reminder that partnerships and love are not instantaneous or miraculous; they require work and commitment, but the rewards are indescribable.

The video for “Tiny Garden” was directed by Woods herself, who says:

“In my directorial debut I wanted to create a visual representation of how I often feel in relationships, like I’m having huge feelings that I end up expressing in small specific ways. The video takes place across two landscapes, the reality of a shared apartment at the tail end of winter and an imagined “heartspace” where everything is lush and green. I worked with my friend and frequent collaborator Po Chop on the choreography, so that the movement becomes the key to merging these two worlds — everywhere I dance, something is watered, something grows.”

Watch the video for “Tiny Garden” below or find the song on streamers.

Jamila Woods’ new album Water Made Us will be released on October 13 through Jagjaguwar (pre-order/save). You can find her on Twitter and Instagram.