North London trio Gold Baby have a debut EP called Rabbits coming out at the end of March, and today they’ve shared a delightful new single called “Betty”. Singer Siân Alex says:

“Betty is a representation of all that is beautiful and feminine. She’s like a Disney princess and I’m the creepy kid watching her, all mixed up about whether I want her to be my mum, or my girlfriend, or whether I want to be her. She reminds me of my mum and I’m thinking about the ways that we’re different, wondering who I’m supposed to be growing up into. An amalgamation of memories and fantasy, Betty is an exploration of identity told through a tantrum: that’s not who I am, that’s not who I am!”

Rather than accentuating the creepiness of the fact that this is a song about watching the titular “Betty” from afar, Gold Baby highlight the beauty and grace of femininity. Yes, it might spark confused feelings – lust, jealousy, loneliness – but in Gold Baby’s sparkling indie sound it’s all understandable – lovable, even. It’s hard not to be won over by the protagonist’s haphazard actions, which see her setting off a fire alarm in her panic and following “Betty” home so she can watch her undress. It comes off wonderfully as it’s sung so tenderly – and beautifully flanked by pristine harmonies. By the end of “Betty”, Gold Baby have built it up into a quite a little storm of confusing feelings, brilliantly outlined by the anthemic finale that’s replete with guitar solo and even some brass.

Listen to “Betty” on streaming platforms or below.

Gold Baby’s debut EP, Rabbits, comes out on March 26 via Help Musicians (pre-order). You can find them on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.