Australian duo Armlock, with members who were formerly in I’lls and kllo, are releasing their debut album Trust next month, and following on from lead single “Power of a Waterfall” they have this week shared “Turf War”.

A song that meshes pain with pride, and mixes memories in a way that leave it up to the listener to place in a timeline, “Turf War” is an evocative trek through heartbreak and the mess that ensues. Using a threadbare indie-emo sound, Armlock pull us through their emotional quagmire with cutting thoughts like “We were teething for the bite” and “never spoke, that’s how I fight.” However, “Turf War” also allows in scant beams of light, with Armlock admitting “I loved it when we missed the flight / We were vengeful through the night,” as if the memory of their former fury now simply glows with the passion they once shared. That warmth also comes out in the chorus, in which they tenderly harmonise on the lines “Turf war / Knives drawn / We’ve just existed for so long / Farewell again.” There are many ways for a breakup to happen, but they are invariably complex, and Armlock evoke those mingling angers, fears and love beautifully on “Turf War”.

Armlock’s debut album Trust arrives on June 2 via Solitaire Recordings (pre-order/save). You can find them on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.