DIY producer and songwriter Evan Wright is building up to the release of his debut album Sound From Out The Window next month, and following on from recent gem “IDM” he today shares the album’s closer, “Ride”. He says:

“I was thinking about how many times I talk about going somewhere or doing something but I never do. I was wondering what I was waiting for.”

Wright’s plucked acoustic guitar tumbles gently through “Ride”, putting us in mind of the singer staring out the window, quietly psyching himself up to go on a journey. His hushed, introspective vocal matches this, and it seems like he’s quietly coaxing himself into a place where he’s ready to venture out, come what may. The instrumentation of “Ride” gradually builds alongside his determination, wobbly electric guitar and spectral backing vocals build up like visions in his mind of the places he might go. “Ride” then kicks into gear with the drums and harpsichord plopping in, and Evan simply repeats “gonna ride away” – the most understated escape story ever told, but no doubt heartwarming in its humbleness.

Watch the video below or find “Ride” on streaming platforms.

Evan Wright’s debut album Sounds From Out The Window arrives digitally on August 25, with a physical on December 3, through Solitaire Recordings (pre-order/save). You can find the songwriter on Bandcamp, Facebook and Instagram.