2021…well, it was another year. Another weary, creaky year of being unable to do many of the things we’d like to, another year of watching our youth pass by when we should be out dating, partying, and generally living. From COVID-19 to ever-worsening climate change to billionaires whose only real interests seem to lie in space…it’s been a lot.

Thus, we can’t help but be more thankful than ever for music. Whether as an escape, a security blanket, a partner in fear and anxiety, great tunes are always there, no matter the hour or situation.

Speaking for us, Beats Per Minute remains something of a safe place amidst the turmoil and general depressive state of the world, so we’re truly grateful to be able to continue sharing (if I may say so) great music with you all.

I hope you’ve found some songs that mean something to you on our site this year, and I hope you’ll continue to for years to come. – Chase McMullen


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