Photo: Yana Van Nuffel

Self Esteem teams with Moonchild Sanelly for comeback single “Big Man”

Self Esteem has released “Big Man”, her first new single since her 2021 smash hit album Prioritise Pleasure. It finds Rebecca Lucy Taylor collaborating with South African artist Moonchild Sanelly – the duo were introduced by mutual producer Johan Karlberg. Of the new song, Taylor says:

“Me and Moon wrote a song from the perspective of a good boyfriend. The ones that are just chill and secure so they just leave you to it. The ones that don’t want a medal for doing the bins. The ones that see that you’re working your tits off so they go and get yet another thing you’ve ordered and missed the delivery of from the post office. The ones that don’t take your success as a direct threat to their existence. To me this is real masculinity.”

A skittering programmed beat and robust synths form the basis for “Big Man”, which finds Self Esteem and Moonchild Sanelly in swaggering form, both embodying and detailing the titular masculine energy. Where past experience might tell us to read into Self Esteem’s words as sardonic, here she is genuine as she and Moon express the power that comes radiating off a man who is generous, self-secure and self-aware – although there is still the opportunity to throw in a signature jibe as they taunt “I’m a fucking big man – what are you?” It’s a well-earned moment that contributes to “Big Man”‘s continual build to a celebration of non-toxic masculinity.

Watch the video for “Big Man” below or find the song on your preferred streamer.

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