Self Esteem unveils her monolith of self-appreciation, “Prioritise Pleasure”, announces new album

Rebecca Lucy Taylor aka Self Esteem has revealed her highly anticipated second album, Prioritise Pleasure, which will come out on October 22 through Universal. We’ve already heard the excellent “I Do This All The Time”, and today she delivers the next single, the album’s title track “Prioritise Pleasure”. She says:

The song is a wide screen mantra, remembering to put myself first and in turn making myself a better, more present person. My journey to accept myself is far from over, but over the last few years some of the age old simple shit has started to finally kick in. Love yourself, be in the moment, put your needs first – that all used to feel so abstract and impossible but with a bit of will power (and writing a tonne of songs about it), I finally not only see the benefits but am actively enjoying them.”

“Wide-screen” is the perfect descriptor, as this is Self Esteem gone stadium size. It begins with determination, a galloping tribal beat underscoring Taylor’s admission “listen to my body / we haven’t been in touch much lately,” and both energy and intimacy get ramped up pretty quickly from there. From the monolithic electro stabs to the full-voiced choral backing, it’s a hair-raising musical moment – made all the more powerful by the message of self-love and self-appreciation she’s sharing. Violins sweep in (because why wouldn’t they?) as Taylor confesses to the “fucked up shit” she once did to try and please herself, then admits she needs to learn to appreciate the moment. For Taylor, this could be anything from shaving her pussy to simply enjoying her freedom – it’s all beautifully empowering. Once the bombastic onslaught comes to a close, she leaves us with the simple message, “I thought that you’d be kind to me” – a reminder that, beneath all the bluster, she’s still a vulnerable and deeply human being.

Self Esteem has created a video for “Prioritise Pleasure” that’s befittingly epic, saying:

“The video is of course a homage to Madonna’s blonde ambition tour and also a testament to how hard work pays off. Me and the girls in the band did lots of zoom rehearsals and us nailing this choreo was a really triumphant moment for us, and choreographer Stuart Rogers who never doubts we’ll get there.”

Watch the clip below or listen to “Prioritise Pleasure” on streaming platforms.

Self Esteem’s new album Prioritise Pleasure comes out on October 22 through Universal (pre-order/save). You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. And don’t miss this tour: