Photo: Olivia Richardson

Self Esteem brandishes her attitude as a weapon on the punchy “Moody”

Following the hot streak of singles in “I Do This All The Time”, “Prioritise Pleasure” and “How Can I Help You”, Self Esteem keeps rampaging on towards her highly anticipated new album with a fourth smashing single called “Moody”. Speaking on the song, Rebecca Taylor says:

Moody is a song about reclaiming being a moody cow. My whole life I’ve been referred to as mardy (northern for moody) but lately I’ve been realising as a woman in this world, especially as a woman in the music industry, of fucking course I’m moody! It’s such a slog even getting heard, every day shitting yourself about your safety, the societal expectations. I’d love to be sweet and happy go lucky but I’m afraid I’m too tired to be most of the time.”

As far as opening lines to a song go, “Sexting you at the mental health talk seems counter-productive” is up there – especially in the insouciant way that Taylor sings it. “Moody” only picks up from there, a galloping beat underscoring her coy and playful admissions of moodiness. With punchy pop prowess she manages to invert a strop into something worth harnessing for its power – a way to make sure she’s noticed, respected and listened to, as she ought to be. It’s no wonder that the chorus affirms that she’ll be “moody for life” – when she makes it work for her this well, then why wouldn’t you?

Watch the lyric video for “Moody” below, or listen to it on streaming platforms.

Self Esteem’s new album Prioritise Pleasure comes out on October 22 through Universal (pre-order/save). You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.