Photo: Daniel Dorsa

Anna Fox Rochinski is entangled in icy emotions on “No Better”

You may already be aware of Anna Fox Rochinski from the band Quilt, where she is the singer and principle songwriter. However, on March 26 she is releasing her debut solo album Cherry, and following the release of the title track last month, she has returned today with another tickling track called “No Better”.

Again it finds her using spacey electronics that whoosh all around, but there is a deeply emotive core on “No Better” that is formed by a glacial piano and Rochinski’s voice. What might first sound like a tender song is actually one of grisly hurt feelings, which she puts on display right from the off: “no better and unfettered would you leave me lying in two? / watch me bleed onto the laminate beneath…” she sings, an analogy for the way she felt in the wake of a recent interpersonal catastrophe. Although Rochinski continues to unfurl a series of powerful ways to describe her pain, she transforms these visceral feelings into an utterly melodious triumph. While the bruises are evidently still fresh on “No Better”, there’s plenty of vivid evidence that she’s moving on to a better place.

Anna Fox Rochinski’s debut solo album Cherry comes out on March 26 via Don Giovanni Records. You can find her on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.