Sonya Alfano

Teenage Halloween revisit their unpredictable adolescence on the ripping “Holes”

Teenage Halloween are the collective of youthful New Jersey punks who recently announced their self-titled debut album with the anthemic “Stationary”. Today they follow it up with “Holes” – a song that is even more energetic than what came before.

The majority of Teenage Halloween are queer-identifying, and “Holes” is a savage sub-two-minute rocker that delves back into those adolescent years when they were just learning about their natural urges and the mixture of potent feelings that come with them – reliving them here with furious abandon. Luke Henderiks sings at a mile-a-minute to keep up with the wild propulsion of the punk backing, so you might not pick out every image straight away, but the memories of teenage anxiety are ripe and come floating to the surface – especially in the chant-along chorus “I wanna dig these holes!”

Teenage Halloween’s debut album Teenage Halloween comes out on September 18 through Don Giovanni. You can follow the band on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Bandcamp.