Affectionately is the moniker of Zachary Elsasser, a musician working in the dreampop realms who has previously toured with Jay Som. On June 5 he will be releasing his debut album i spend most of my time in my room, and following the delectable single “prettiest part of me” he has this week shared another blissful bop called “then you came along”. On the track, he says:

“This song is just a fun one, but I wanted to write it specifically about how I felt about love in the 2010 decade. Because I have OCD, it took me a long time to simplify my thoughts about how I felt about love and this song and everything. It’s difficult for me move on from things, and I really need time to let go. However, it finally made sense when I met my partner. I took some recordings of us bowling and helping me and put it in the song because the spaces in between my anxiety are just pure and happy.

As suggested by the album title i spend most of my time in my room, Affectionately’s work is fairly lo-fi, recorded on phones and GarageBand, but that only adds to the homespun charm of his careworn songs. “then you came along” manages to turn the fuzziness of his mind into quilted and driving guitar sounds, which expresses overflowing adoration perfectly and can’t help but be uplifting. A song of pure unadulterated thankfulness, “then you came along” is a ray of sunshine that you’d happily spend an afternoon lying in, just at peace with the world.

Affectionately’s album i spend most of my time in my room comes out June 5 on Fear Of Missing Out Records. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Bandcamp.