Photo: Sergio Gutierrez

Maria BC captivates with the hushed and introspective beauty “Devil’s Rain”

Ohio-born, Brooklyn-based songwriter Maria BC is releasing their debut EP Devil’s Rain in a couple of weeks. We’ve previously heard the gorgeous “Adelaide”, and today they follow it up with the EP’s title track, saying:

“When I was little, I would spend summer months with my grandparents in northern Ohio. My grandmother would sit with me on the porch during rainstorms and read me chapter books. While we sat on the porch swing one day, the sun came out while the rain kept pouring, and she taught me the term “devil’s rain.” I think it’s a Southern expression (my grandmother grew up in Kentucky). I love the phrase, how sinister it is, and the event itself — sunshine and rain, co-occurring opposites — puts you in a spiritual mood, all wonder and melancholy.”

Although Maria BC only uses minimal components, their echoing guitar and voice atop ethereal atmospherics, its deployed and producer so skilfully as to enfold you in the atmosphere of sitting on that porch, watching the sun shine through the quietly pattering rain. This space is perfect for contemplation, which is what BC does, their thoughts uncoiling in precious silver wisps, weaving around each other in gentle caresses. Their memories are inchoate and undefined, rising up briefly in their consciousness and then softly receding again back into the mind’s mist. A captivating evocation of a state of pure reflection, “Devil’s Rain” is the perfect soundtrack for peacefully sitting and watching the world and one’s thoughts move gently by.

Maria BC’s debut EP, Devil’s Rain, is coming out on February 5 through Fear of Missing Out. You can find them on Twitter and Instagram.