Photo: Sergio Gutierrez

Maria BC reaches out a helping hand to their depressed self on stunning debut single “Adelaide”

Maria BC is an Ohio-born and Brooklyn-based creator of skeletal-yet-lush indie folk. They have been signed by Fear of Missing Out Records, who will release their debut EP, Devil’s Rain, on February 5. Today we get our first example of their talent with lead single “Adelaide”, Maria revealing:

“A friend of mine used to work as a museum guard. Guests would almost never ask her questions, so she had a lot of downtime. She would spend hours journaling, building “memory palaces,” which are a mnemonic device that has helped some people achieve total autobiographical recall. My friend would spend six, seven hours a day making these palaces. When she told me about this, another friend of mine said, “Aren’t you worried about getting lost in your interiority?” And I thought, damn, that’s so true. I’ve seen that happen to so many people. It’s happened to me many times — this feeling that I’m stuck in the architecture of my own ego. “Adelaide” isn’t about my museum guard friend — it’s a song addressed to a depressed version of myself, or someone who needs a hand to pull them back into the social world.”

With guitar that reflects infinitely and melds imperceptibly with a soft undertone, Maria BC builds a placid and soft world on “Adelaide”, which undoubtedly evokes the feeling of an interior world. Singing inwards to themselves, Maria shows a tenderness and understanding that we all wish we could have when speaking to ourselves. It’s not just pity though, there is a softly provocative bent to their words, offering comments like “my love you’ve been too afraid to reach through these tears” and “you don’t wanna learn no more, you don’t try.” As the song reaches its finale, Maria’s words recede leaving just space for their stunningly subtle soundscape to quiver and shine, as if they’ve said their piece and are now waiting for that depressed ego to shake themselves off and stand up stronger on their own.

Maria BC’s debut EP, Devil’s Rain, is coming out on February 5 through Fear of Missing Out. You can find them on Twitter and Instagram.