Photo: Ulysses Ortega

Maria BC processes embedded trauma on the gritty dreamer “Betelgeuse”

Maria BC is building up the release of their debut album Hyaline in May, and today follows previous singles “The Only Thing” and “Good Before” with a final teaser called “Betelgeuse”. It tackles a pretty tough topic, as Maria explains:

“Betelgeuse is about coming to terms with one’s role as a victim, bystander, and perpetrator. The narrator of this song recalls a traumatic moment from their childhood: the day a father figure abandoned them and their mother. Now they’re an adult and want to leave home, which means abandoning their mother. They feel cruel for leaving home, but ultimately they follow the path of the man they despise, the ghost of him, their guiding star.”

The songwriter has approached this topic with a slightly sci-fi tinge, as suggested by the title “Betelgeuse” and confirmed by the opening line “there’s no orbit around this house”. There is also certainly a sci-fi sheen in the production, which locks the singer’s tough reflections inside a cage of atmospherically glinting guitar and synth effects. As “Betelgeuse” progresses, Maria’s strain becomes more evident in their words and the way they’re delivered, as if they’re battling themselves, trying to escape something inescapable. This struggle provokes Maria into hitting some of the most affecting and piercing notes we’ve yet heard from the young songwriter – and the deflated, dejected finale where they observe “all the bright people” and see themselves as incomparable lands like a 50 ton feather.

Listen to “Betelgeuse” below or find it on streaming platforms.

Maria BC’s debut album Hyaline will be out on May 27 through Father/Daughter / Fear Of Missing Out (pre-order/save). You can find them on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.