Holly Whittaker

Mui Zyu waddles from the nest on the wonky “the mould”, announces new album

After dropping the cosmic love ballad “everything to die for”, Mui Zyu has now released “the mould”: a wonky, offbeat synth-pop tune that wouldn’t sound of place in the cinematic world of Poor Things. It’s a song inspired by moving on from the past and pushing against the grain for inner peace. Indeed, when caught in a flight-or-flight mode for an extended period, the feeling of being unburdened by it can seem like learning how to walk all over again. “the mould” is delightfully clumsy and clamorous, like a duckling stumbling from its nest towards open waters.

“‘The mould’ is a frosted glacial sweetie about the many meanings of mould,” Eva Liu, the main songwriter behind the project, says of the track. “Mould is very cool, and the right kind can give you super powers. unfortunately though, it’s less than ideal to be squeezed in to a mould that doesn’t fit snuggly. So I’m at the bottom of the rotten jelly bowl trying to work out what mould is the good kind, and what is the bad kind, and maybe realising none of it really matters at all, as long as I can get out of this steep, slippery bowl. This also marks a new approach for my writing indicative of the whole record in a kind of anti-overture-y way.

With “the mould” Mui Zyu has announced second LP nothing or something to die for, out May, 24, 2024 via Father/Daughter Records (preorder it here). It’s the second album in as many years, following the excellent Rotten Bun For an Eggless Century.

Watch the Danny Grant directed video for “the mould” below.

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