Photo: Katherine Abbott

No Kill is moving onto a healthier place on the fuzzy farewell anthem “Better”

No Kill is the project of Brooklyn-based songwriter Jamie Cogar, who will be releasing her debut album Gold Chorus on June 25 via Fear Of Missing Out / Substitute Scene. Today she’s sharing a single from the album called “Better”, saying:

“Better is about the end of a relationship. It’s about growing stronger and learning to live with loose ends.”

There have been countless songs about breakups, but the best of them bring a grain of personal truth to them, and that’s exactly what No Kill does on “Better”. Over tempestuous waves of fuzzy guitar, she recounts the stress and strain that this relationship has brought on the couple, the weariness and frustration audible in her voice. As it reaches its anthemic chorus, No Kill doesn’t offer a simple goodbye but throws it down in a harsh ultimatum: “are we both gonna die before we make it better?” The answer doesn’t come in words, but in a cathartic culmination of all the waves of sound, where we sonically feel No Kill’s regret and relief as she sails away in her guitar solo.

No Kill’s debut album Gold Chorus comes out on June 25 through Fear of Missing Out / Substitute Scene. You can find No Kill on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.