Shady Nasty go in search of their best life on the unhinged “IBIZA”

Sydney trio Shady Nasty broke through last year with their Bad Posture EP, but they’re back today with a brand new single called “IBIZA”, a thrilling progression of their sound. They say:

“”IBIZA sits at the lavish intersection between vlogging, gymming, clubbing and clout. From binge-watching Mike Thurston & Jake Paul on Youtube to blasting Guetta & Avicii in the Uber; from rounds of vodka raspberries at the Ivy to luxury shopping sprees at Westfield; IBIZA is a menacing ode to the extravagant sounds, aesthetics and cultures that are typically rejected by counterculture.

While the above quote and the title “IBIZA” brings to mind sunshine, swimming pools, rippling abs, bikinis and endless good times, the actual song is, as they say “menacing”. With a slithering rhythm that’s punctuated by beeps as if from an ECG machine, the scene is set for the song’s disturbed protagonist. Vocalist Kevin Stathis sounds as if his mind has been pounded into numbness by life’s mundanity and is desperate to get his back on track with a trip out to “IBIZA”, where he’s gonna get endless sun, ‘birds’ and enough time to work out that he has “veins popping out like a road map.” Although seemingly on the precipice of breakdown, Shady Nasty never make “IBIZA” explode, instead just continue to coil like a slowly flexing bicep as the singer reels off more images of his hallowed destination – and the result is more effective for its patience and open-endedness.

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