Photo: Mitchell Wojcik

Wild Pink channel the luminosity of love on “ILYSM”, the title track from their new album

Wild Pink will return with a new album called ILYSM on October 14 through Royal Mountain, following up their excellent 2021 record A Billion Little Lights. It was co-produced by band leader John Ross along with Justin Pizzoferrato and The Antlers’ Peter Silberman. They’ve also got a bevy of guests involved this time, including J Mascis, Julien Baker, Ryley Walker, Yasmin Williams and Samantha Crain.

Along with the announcement they’ve shared the title track, with Ross saying: “This song, like a few others on this record, takes place where I live and the field next to it. A full moon will light up all the rooms here in a way I’ve never really seen and I feel like this song wrote itself a little bit. This album is about love in its many forms and this song in particular is a metaphor for love and obsession.”

After some initial proclamations of “I love you so much”, Ross immediately puts us in situ: “I was home alone / Just me and the moon”. His soft voice gives us a taste of that lunar caress, while all around chugging synths and a strident drum beat ensure “ILYSM” maintains the beautiful chugging heart that has come to define Wild Pink’s songs. Across the six minute track, this instrumentation rises and falls with the delicacy of Ross’ reminsecnces about his metaphysical relationship with the moon. It’s a gently powerful force that is expressed across “ILYSM”, which swerves smoothly from luminous synth melodies to ascendant open-hearted chords that make us feel we’re being pulled towards the great white orb. While being entirely between Ross and the moon, “ILYSM” has a warmth and generosity that makes us feel thankful for everything and everyone good in our lives.

Check out “ILYSM” below or find it on streaming platforms.

Wild Pink’s new album ILYSM will be out on October 14 through Royal Mountain. Find the band on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Bandcamp.