Erica Snyder

Gustaf return with the high-strung, neurotic “Starting and Staring”, announce new album

David Byrne might be the undisputed king of channeling nervous energy into joyous hijinks. Which is to say Brooklyn outfit Gustaf come pretty fucking close with their latest dance punk romp “Starting and Staring”, the first glimpse of their new album Package Pt. 2. It comes out April 5th via Royal Mountain Records, and you can preorder the record here.

“Starting and Staring” strides confidently in its four-to-the-floor pulse, and for sure it seems like exactly the type of tune to swing and sway to with your crush du jour. Vocalist Lydia Gammill isn’t feeling it though. Her blood vessel-bursting internal monologue oozes discomfort and paranoia, a mounting tension which desperately needs some kind of outlet before she starts spontaneously combusting right in front of present company.

The video seems to reflect it as well: everyone seems to be having a swell time at a house party, while a blazing figure of pure energy – which appears like a figment of Gammill’s imagination – seems to coax her into airing out all the negative energy building up from inside. Fortunately, playing in a band can be a healthy way to do just that, without alienating people in close proximity.

Watch the video for “Starting And Staring” below and find it on streaming platforms.

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