Shady Nasty lampoon craven cosmetic obsession on the menacing “PRETTYB0YZ”

Sydney-based trio Shady Nasty are releasing an EP called CLUBSMOKE next month, and following from lead single “ROLL1N’ H1LLZ” comes today’s new one “PRETTYB0YZ”. They say:

““PRETTYB0YZ” is the indefinite renewal of your ticket to the harbour city’s work hard play hard lifestyle. With an endless cosmetic routine, you continue to pump your vape with the same vigour; eternally five years younger than your age, eternally in vogue.”

While “PRETTYB0YZ” mines a similar vein as the single “IBIZA” from earlier this year, these kinds of posers and consumers are a target that Shady Nasty seem to want to continue to take down – and when they do it so unusually and enjoyably, then why the heck not? “PRETTYB0YZ” once again finds the band taking up the role of the titular poser who’s enjoying “another day in Sydney life” and boasts about spending his money and time looking youthful and drinking Kahlua in clubs – but these flexes are presented in a drawling near-rap monotone that suggests this person is dead on the inside. That zombification is accentuated by the instrumentation, an immersive and atmospheric take on post-punk which opens up cavernously, swallowing the words and making the cosmetic boasts seem all the more pitiful. Yet another truly indescribable and utterly unique track from the trio, “PRETTYB0YZ” makes us as pumped for CLUBSMOKE as the song’s protagonist is for his next spray tan session.

Watch the video for “PRETTYB0YZ” below, or find the song on streaming platforms.

Shady Nasty’s CLUBSMOKE EP comes out on October 8 through Royal Mountain (pre-save). You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram.