Pozi enter the minds of the destructive police on the dystopian rocker “Detainer Man”

London-based trio Pozi recently announced their upcoming Typing EP with the fearsome “Sea Song”. Today they return with another glimpse of what’s to come (both on their record and in the dystopian future of humanity) in “Detainer Man”. They say:

โ€œThis song is written from the perspective of a brainwashed police officer, preprogrammed to inflict abuse upon a person not conforming to the system. Robotic self orders instruct the officer to detain people.โ€

Given the cold, destructive voice at the core of the song, “Detainer Man” is actually surprisingly catchy; interplaying vocals with a siren-like “woo woo” refrain immediately pin your ears to the track. The more robotic characteristics come in the guitars and rhythm, which hurtle forward single-mindedly, battering anything and anyone in its path out of the way; the various voices sounding like the panicked public running to hid from this bloodless officer of the law. Scratches of violin add to a feeling of things going a bit haywire, and as the song reaches its conclusion, Pozi are playing like their lives depend on it โ€“ which, if they’ve been caught in the sights of the “Detainer Man”, they may well be.

With an exciting sci-fi theme to the song itself, you know they had to transfer it to the video, and the resulting clip for “Detainer Man”, created by animator Dylan Copeland, doesn’t disappoint, as it combines graphics, anime and live action into a mini blockbuster. Take a look at the video below or listen to “Detainer Man” on streaming platforms.

Pozi’s Typing EP arrives on October 29 through PRAH Recordings. You can find the band on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

They’ve also got these tour dates ahead:

29/10 – Newcastle, Bobiks
30/10 – Leeds, Dark Arts
10/11 – Nottingham, Bodega
13/11 – Glasgow, Stag & Dagger
14/11 – Sheffield, Yellow Arch
17/11 – Tunbridge Wells, Forum
18/11 – Cambridge, Portland Arms
19/11 – Cardiff, The Moon
20/11 – Birmingham, Hare & Hounds
21/11 – Oxford, Fusion Arts Centre
24/11 – London, The Lexington
25/11 – Margate, Elsewhere
26/11 – Southampton, Joiners
01/12 – Brighton, Hope & Ruin
02/12 – Reading, Face Bar
03/12 – Leicester, Cookie
04/12 – Manchester, Yes