Photo: Jason Evans

Yemrot gets lost in a thicket of thought on the mystical “TomTom”, announces debut album

Yemrot is the solo guise of Jimi Tormey, of Margate rabble rousers GANG. He has announced his debut mini album The Sunken Garden for release through PRAH Recordings on November 4. It follows the course of Tormey’s fictional creation / alter ego Dill Dandin, and as an introduction to the record he has shared the opening “TomTom”, saying:

“This song was borne of inebriation. Upon leaving my local ‘the tap room’ to walk home an edible and too much alcohol crept up on me and gave me such an out of body experience that I couldn’t find my way home... this song became a way of exploring what it means to let go and accept some sort of ironic determinism as the only means of getting to wherever somebody hopes to.”

“If you do not change direction you might end up where you’re heading,” Tormey repeats through “TomTom”, his voice wavering with the knowledge that not changing direction is a near impossibility – whether you’re talking about getting home from the pub or the course of your life in general. Fear and paranoia crawl into his disoriented mind, echoing guitars and shimmering synths floating around his vision like spectres trying to spook him off course. And it seems to work – as Tormey treads onwards, his overwhelming feelings grow, the arrangement gently splashing and crashing while his thoughts slip into a whirlpool of distraction, switching between random observations of what he sees and darker thoughts about the state of the universe. By the time he’s singing the resounding final repetitions of “if you do not change direction you might end up where you’re headed” it sounds like a bewildered dream rather than a guiding fact.

Listen to “TomTom” below or on your preferred streamer.

Yemrot’s The Sunken Garden arrives on November 4 through PRAH Recordings (pre-order on Bandcamp). You can find him on Instagram.