Pozi channel the tempestuous tide on the tense “Sea Song”, announce EP

London band Pozi released their most recent EP just last summer, but since they haven’t had a chance to tour, they’ve only gone and recorded another: it’s called Typing and will come out on October 29 through PRAH Recordings. The first song to be shared is called “Sea Song”, and the band say:

The more meditative structure of the song and repetitive but slowly evolving nature of the lyrics reflects the patterns we see in nature, life cycles, human relationships and, also importantly, in pandemics. The song’s subject matter, the sea, can be menacing, dark and unknown but can also bring about a huge feeling of freedom and abandon, which is comparable to the immense chasm of this recent global experience.”

A song that is unapologetically dark and tense right from the off, “Sea Song” finds Pozi channeling the potential energy of an incoming storm to deadly effect. The continual pinging of the guitar and drums sets the pulse racing, while voice and violin add hair-raising dread, like a cold draft sweeping in through a crack in the wall. As the chorus repeats, “fear the rising tide”, Pozi manage to up the already-tense song to a place of fraught fear and just keep amplifying it until the song’s sudden conclusion. “Sea Song” is the sound of all the world’s probable disasters looming over us, waiting to unleash the flood – terrifying, but unstoppable.

Listen to “Sea Song” below or on streaming platforms.

Pozi’s Typing EP arrives on October 29 through PRAH Recordings. You can find the band on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.