Nuha Ruby Ra is an East London-based art-punk, who has revealed she’ll be releasing her debut EP, How To Move, in March. She has to date released a couple of singles and played with the likes of Snapped Ankles and Fat White Family, but comes into her own with today’s new offering, “Sparky”. She reveals:

I’m Sparky, it’s a name I was given once by an old flame. That Sparky was all about the joys of sex and dominance. The sleeping demon that needed to come out for a dance and push the demons to the side for a minute. Still restless, irritated and a bit reflective, even while having great sex. No rest.”

Nuha is locked in a staring contest with the listener from the opening moments of “Sparky”, with the direct challenge: “Tell me I’m your secret,” which is followed a few lines later by “I want to watch you squirm with ease.” At this point, the spare beat-and-electronic backing thunders into a more industrial-punk attack – while she sings carefree “la la la”s in the background, perfectly at home in a world of noise. “Sparky” then recedes a little as Nuha makes more provocative proclamations: “You know that being your secret really turns me on,” and later in the song, “I like to think you feel like you’re in the presence of an angel when you lay eyes on me” – with several salacious activities described along the way. Nuha has the voice, poise and presence to flit around from seductive minx to intimidating sexual goddess, remaining utterly captivating all the while. “Sparky” may stem from her love of getting physical, but musically, vocally and lyrically blossoms out from that to reveal a fascinatingly fearless artist and person, whom we can’t wait to hear more from.

Listen to “Sparky” on streaming platforms or watch the video below.

Nuha Ruby Ra’s debut EP, How To Move, arrives on March 5 via Brace Yourself Records. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

She’s also got these live dates planned:

3rd April 2021 – Roadkill Records @ The Victoria, London
15th May 2021 – Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia
27th May 2021 – LIFE support @ Lafayette, London
August 2021 – Green Man Festival, Wales