Mumble Tide share fuzzy and turbulent new single “Noodle”

Bristol duo Mumble Tide have a new mini LP coming out December 3rd via Nothing Fancy, and to date they have been extremely generous with sharing the songs from it. Today we get a sixth track from Everything Ugly in the form of the fuzzy and chaotic “Noodle”, building anticipation for the new mini album all the more. Of “Noodle” vocalist Gina Leonard says:

During the last string of gigs we played, I told the audiences that this song was solely written and inspired by my neck (which Ryan reckons is abnormally long and has adopted ‘Noodle’ as a kind of pet name) but really there’s a bit more going on. I think in life, I have a tendency to pick things apart until they’re a bit of a mess and Noodle paints an accurate picture of my heavily conflicted and rather ridiculous thought patterns. I guess it’s for people that don’t find it easy to relax and just be happy in themselves and where they’re at. There’s still a good dose of fun and silliness in there though, and a healthy awareness of the fact I tend to twist things way out of shape.

Coming off previous single “On My Deathbed There’s a Full Page (You Don’t Get To Read It)“, “Noodle” sounds like a condensed landslide: one moment there’s a flood of fuzzy guitars, devouring everything in its path, and at other times there’s a unusual stillness to it – even though it’s still swallowing everything. It’s rawer, viscous, and more unhinged than what came before, but it still feels very much like the work of the duo. There’s a lingering sense of fun throughout too, with the switch-flipping turns in mood and weight, but especially with Leonard’s vocals, as they penetrate the surface with sometimes half-spoken and sometimes have despaired words. Something’s at stake, but equally it could all be a red herring amid the noise.

Have a listen to “Noodle” below, or listen through your preferred streaming service.

Mumble Tide’s Everything Ugly arrives on December 3 through Nothing Fancy (pre-order on Bandcamp). Stay up to date with the duo via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.