Post Yoga examines codependent relationships on the sprightly “Bison”

Chris Barrett’s Post Yoga project continues to tickle us, as each new song further affirms our amazement that he created the whole thing on his £4 second-hand keyboard. With a new self-titled album on the way in August, today he follows up recent single “Dead” with an intriguing cut called “Bison”. The song’s title is taken from an unlikely source: a YouTube video of a couple who adopted a bison like its their pet. Barrett says:

It was like a puppy, it was completely dependent on that couple to look after it, despite being a huge wild beast.”

He uses that as a jumping off point to look into codependent relationships, saying: “each verse is talking about how once you find this person you hold onto them and don’t let them go, from the male and female perspectivesIt’s definitely not healthy.

“Bison” sounds fairly benevolent at first, full of bright keys and a quietly energetic beat tugging it along, but the air of discord is soon sewed by a few minor tones threaded into the mix. Post Yoga’s voice adds to this, with an icy disaffection adding a sharpness to his words like “hold on to the best dressed man” and “pray he knows his shit when the time comes”. “Bison” seems to enjoy being beguiling; it’s the sound of negative thoughts flitting into someone’s brain, buzzing around, and then zipping away again, leaving the thinker completely confused and conflicted about their relationship. It’s a devilish little tune.

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Post Yoga’s Post Yoga comes out on August 6 through Nothing Fancy (pre-order from Bandcamp). You can follow him on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.