Mumble Tide turn their detachment into a heartwarming strummer in “Good 4 Me”, announce mini album

Having already released two brilliant singles this year in “Sucker” and “Breakfast”, it’s wonderful news that Bristol duo Mumble Tide will be releasing a new mini album called Everything Ugly in December. The news brings with it yet another delightful single called “Good 4 Me”, with singer Gina Leonard saying:

“Good 4 Me’ is one of our favourite songs that we’ve written so far. It fell together late at night during lockdown in our dressing gowns. 

“The vocal is more or less the first take we did where I just let it all out. I guess it’s about how the years don’t always bring you the answers you thought they would. It’s kinda sad but there’s also this nostalgia and excitement underneath.”

We’ve all had those days where we feel completely numb, detached from everything, allowing negative thoughts to run heedlessly through our minds; that’s the type of mood we find Mumble Tide in on “Good 4 Me”. Leonard begins by comparing herself to turning guts and then with sharp self-pity announces “Fate never had my back  / it had my arms” – we feel that one. Yet, despite the weight of the words, Leonard and partner Ryan Rogers furnish the track with an upbeat acoustic backbone that shines like light at the end of the long tunnel. They add to this some more sonic wizardry including washing-machine-like synths, droplets of sparkling electronics and regal horns, and suddenly the hopelessness of the lyrics feels a little more purposeful – like an olive branch to everyone else who has ever felt this way. “I don’t know what’s good for me,” Leonard admits in the chorus – nor does anyone, but listening to Mumble Tide’s personable indie pop certainly helps stave off the uncertainty.

Watch the video for “Good 4 Me” below or find the song on streaming platforms.

Mumble Tide’s Everything Ugly arrives on December 3 through Nothing Fancy (pre-order on Bandcamp). You can follow the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

You can also catch them at these dates if you’re in the UK:

29 Nov 2021 – The Castle, Manchester
01 Dec 2021 – Crofters Rights, Bristol
02 Dec 2021 – Sebright Arms, London