Mumble Tide deliver a zipping termination of a relationship in “Sucker”

Bristol-based couple and musical duo Mumble Tide just released their Love Thing EP at the end of last year, but they’re back with determination and a new banger called “Sucker”. Gina Leonard says:

“This one is just a super fun track we threw together. It’s about feeling confident and free and moving on (or at least trying to). It’s about throwing the baggage off your shoulders and strutting away…but also accepting that it’s not that easy.”

Taking cues from the ripping early 90s alt-rock of the likes of Sonic Youth, but with a bedroom aesthetic, “Sucker” is an unstoppably buzzing track that sees Mumble Tide slice through their doubts. Perfectly matching the torrential guitar, Leonard’s words about leaving behind regrets and moving on to a better place fill you with a sense of righteousness and unbreakable confidence. As horns start to mix their way into Mumble Tide’s whirlpool, “Sucker” gets more frenetic, but Leonard is not bothered or flustered, remaining cool as ever as she sings “so long sucker”, and you just imagine her putting on her sunglasses, turning away and striding into the sunset without a single look back.

Listen to “Sucker” below or on your preferred platform.

“Sucker” is out via Nothing Fancy. You can follow the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.