Newcomers Muck Spreader have announced the release of their debut EP; it’s called Rodeo Mistakes and is coming out on September 4 through Brace Yourself. Today they’ve shared a new song from it called “Carnal Tongues”, and they say:

Hop into the passenger side, hitch a ride into an abyss of sonic ecstasy. At the wheel an unreliable narrator, in the back seat Muck Spreader shifting gears as you move fast through bat country. We got something for everyone, what could go wrong? The vehicle screeches across the road, bursts of acceleration until you lose consciousness. As you wake the trip is over and you’re back where you started, forever changed. The muck has been spread.

The above quote paints a fairly accurate picture of what to expect when embarking on a listen of “Carnal Tongues”; darkness, inscrutability, shapelessness and plenty of intrigue. Muck Spreader’s brand of post-punk is littered with images and atmosphere, and “Carnal Streets” feels like a ride along the haunted roads of a David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. Synths whoosh, saxophones tease and wail, and Luke Brennan courts it all with his measured delivery, embracing the night and offering salvation to all those who live within it: “Oh the land of opportunity beckons / we got something for everyone / catering to every one of your needs.” But then he slyly admits that things might be too good to be true, and “you might have to question it…” You know you should hop out of Muck Spreader’s world immediately, but there’s something utterly magnetic about “Carnal Tongues”, and you’re compelled to follow, despite the sinister world that seems to be closing in all around.

Muck Spreader’s Rodeo Mistakes EP comes out on September 4 through Brace Yourself. You can find the band on Facebook and Instagram.