Moreish Idols take us on a jangling ride in “Nocturnal Creatures”

South London art rockers Moreish Idols have returned with “Nocturnal Creatures”, their first release since last year’s debut EP, Float.

Ever cryptic about the genesis of their songs, Moreish Idols introduce their latest by saying: “nocturnal creatures can teach us to be more observant, in case they dig up your treasure and bury their bones.”

“Nocturnal Creatures” is a song that keeps slipping through your fingers just when you think youv’e grasped it. There’s something highly anxious about the way it unfolds, with guitars jangling like frayed nerves and whiffs of saxophone floating through like a cold breeze across the skin. Jude Lilley’s voice is quiet but determined, calm but conniving; “they ain’t coming for me” he asserts several times as the song unspools. Moreish Idols whisk us through this warped song with aplomb, guiding us through moments of beautifully streamlined fun into clattering pile ups of noise. All the while Lilley remains observant and shifty-eyed, seemingly yearning for connection but more attuned to an existence of suspicion and solitude.

Watch the video for “Nocturnal Creatures” below or find the song on streamers.

“Nocturnal Creatures” is out on Speedy Wunderground. You can find Moreish Idols on Facebook and Instagram.