Photo: Alex Evans

Joyeria presents an alternative version of World’s Best Dad on wonky rocker “Wild Joy”

London-based Canadian songwriter Joyeria released the project’s debut single “Here Comes Trouble” through Speedy Wunderground last summer, and now he’s officially signed to Dan Carey’s tastemaking stable for the foreseeable. The first fruit of this partnership is shared today in the single “Wild Joy”, with Joyeria saying:

“If Wild Joy is not an ode to the world’s greatest dad or the working stiff — it’s the song of a man who has remembered what to do with memories and what can be recaptured and re-enacted, perpetually in music.”

With a twanging, Americana-tinged lilt and a haggardly odd vocal and lyrical style, there’s a palpable influence of David Berman in “Wild Joy” – which is an absolutely great thing. The songwriter wrong-foots right from the off with the claim “all the best dads are secret smokers”, and from there he paints a portrait of a man who is sliding gradually into desolate doldrums while trying to grasp onto the “Wild Joy” that he remembers. The guitar and rhythm bounce along to this characterful display, keeping the sound lively even as the singer slips further into depression with questions like “is there something after the end? / or is the end where everything’s dead?” It’s a manic display, and utterly compelling from first to last.

Watch the video for “Wild Joy” below or find it on streaming platforms.

“Wild Joy” is out on Speedy Wunderground. There’ll be more coming from Joyeria in due course, so make sure to follow him on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.